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Motorized Feed System for Comtech 5.0 Meter Antenna
  • Upgrade a 5.0m Comtech Feed System to a 4 Port Motorized C/Ku Feed..
De-icing Systems for Comtech Antennas
  • Electric De-icing Heater Systems
  • For Comtech 3.8 or 5.0 Meter Satelli..
5.0 Meter Motorized C/Ku Band Downlink Antenna Package
  • Motorized 5.0 Meter Antenna to remotely move to new satellites..
5.0 Meter DH Fixed Antenna
  • Sectional 8 Panel Aluminum Reflector
  • Non Motorized Gibralter Mount..
5.0 Meter DH Dual Axis Motorized Antenna
  • Motorized Azimuth & Elevation
  • Sectional 8 Panel Aluminum Reflector
  • I..